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A powerful superherb blend for your brain

MagicRooty© is a natural superherb and mushroom blend designed to boost your brain performance. With its mouth-watering taste and aroma, it is the ultimate productivity tool and the perfect morning ritual to rely on.

What To Expect From It?


To Master Your Everyday

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The Ultimate Upgrade

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Need Energy & Focus?

Power up your mind and energize your body with this natural drink.

Goodbye, Stress!

Time to say goodbye to the jitters and worries that come with coffee! Get the energy kick without the drama.*

Your Brain's BFF

Medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens, and potent compounds are precisely what your brain needs.

Side-Effects Free

So safe that even your grandma would drink it. Produced in the EU with top-quality ingredients for elite quality.


Bring excitement to work

It’s time to lift your mood & spirit. No matter what you do and how difficult your job is – the carefully selected ingredients in MagicRooty© can help you boost the much-needed motivation, drive, and mood to be second to none in your work!*


It's hammer time

Imagine yourself completely focused. Resilient. A real master of magic. Unstoppable. It’s time to uncover your superpowers and change the world.

MagicRooty© is like a zoom lens for your brain, narrowing in on focus while expanding your perspective, and shielding you from stress and anxiety.


The longer you drink it, the better you feel

Most energy drinks (we’re looking at you, coffee & Red Bull) provide a fake energy boost that leads to a crash. But MagicRooty© works differently! The chosen compounds from distant parts of the earth will build up in your body, making it the only drink in the world that your brain & body will say “thank you” to.


More energy*


Hours of elevated mood *


Increase in multitasking*


Beat the stress of your busy life without the jitters or crashes

We know what BUSY looks like. Smells like. Tastes like. Feels like… well, you get the idea. We know every part of busy because we live it too. And we know you can’t afford energy crashes, jittery and burn-out when you’re busy. You want to feel a different - motivated, focused-on-important things-ready-to-conquer-the-day kind of mood. That's exactly why we made MagicRooty!


Deduction in stress-related fatigue*


Lowered risk for depression*

Our Magical Ingredients


Rhodiola Rosea

The queen of ayurvedic herbs improves brain function, reduces fatigue, and fights stress. Not too bad for one plant, huh?



Astragalus is a traditional energy booster that supports your immune health and provides various health benefits.* It’s our secret “weapon” not many use.



A magical mushroom that may boost performance, has anti-aging properties, and improves your well-being.* Truly magical, we agree.


Lion's mane

A powerful mushroom known for its positive effects on memory, focus, and overall brain health. Mmm!


Yerba mate

This potent nootropic contains the optimal dosage of caffeine and l-theanine to give you the needed energy boost without the side effects.*



Maca not only increases energy and fights stress but also tastes delicious.* Well, at least our maca does.


Organic Cacao

Cacao contains theobromine, a compound that reduces stress and boosts overall mental and physical health.*

100% natural

Vitamin B3

This is a crucial B vitamin for normal brain function.* So, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

3 Steps To Feel MagicRooty

(how MagicRooty works)

"One scoop a day to get more energy and focus your way."

STEP 1: Scoopy-doopy-do

Add 1 scoop of MagicRooty to your beloved cup.

STEP 2: Mix it… louder!

Mix it with hot water or hot milk using frother, tablespoon or blender.*

STEP 3: Let's rock'n'roll

Enjoy the magical effects of MagicRooty.

*Additional hack: Add coconut oil, MCT, steamed milk, or extra sweetener to spice it up.


Superhumans That Love Rooty


Got Questions? We've Got Answers, Served Up Hot Like Magic Rooty

We are here for you 24/7… just sometimes, it takes longer to reply because we are making magic potions 😉

Mouth-watering! Honestly, its dreamy, earthy taste combines the flavors of chocolate, cacao and nuts.

Warning: Once you try it, you will never want to be without it again.

With every sip, you’ll feel a magical mixture of the earth’s strongest roots and plants slowly warming your body from within and providing benefits to your body, mind, and soul. Most people experience a moderate brain boost about 15 minutes after drinking it, and the brain energy lasts for 4-8 hours. Your focus will narrow, your mind will be more awake, and you’ll be ready to conquer the day!
Well, we believe that all compounds in MagicRooty© are magic – but no, if you’re referring to psychedelics, they are not part of Rooty’s ingredient list.
MagicRooty© contains the most researched compounds that have been used for centuries in traditional societies around the world, so you’re in good hands. But in all seriousness, we have developed MagicRooty© for ourselves with the goal of making a drink that you can enjoy daily for the rest of your long and healthy life. The longer you drink it, the better you’ll feel and the greater the effects on your body, mind and soul. That’s why you won’t find any under-researched, risky, or dubious compounds in MagicRooty©.

You can drink 1-2 doses daily, but most people will experience enough brain energy and well-being from 1 dosage alone. 

The best time to drink MagicRooty© is about 1-2 hours after you wake up. Why is that? You want your body to wake up naturally (without the help of any other substances) and after you are awakened, you can drink the MagicRooty© and enjoy a day of bliss, energy, and excitement.

Absolutely! Feel free to drink MagicRooty© daily – that’s exactly what we do, and we love it!

MagicRooty© contains the earth’s most potent compounds that are sourced from many countries all over the world to give a taste of powerful natural compounds the earth has to offer. The actual drink is then produced in Europe and shipped to you from one of our warehouses.

By subscribing, you’ll get your MagicRooty every 30 or 45 days (whichever floats your boat) and enjoy a 20% discount on every order. Plus, you’ll save time, avoid decision fatigue, and get a healthy dose of adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms that gradually build up in your body for a lasting boost. And the best part? You can change or cancel your subscription anytime, no questions asked. So, why not give it a go for at least one to two months and experience the full spectrum of mind-blowing benefits that will make you feel like a superhero?


30-day money-back gaurantee

Don't you enjoy the magical benefits of Rooty? Can't you handle the energy, focus, and brainpower you get from it? Don't worry - feel free to return the product within 30 days of ordering, and we will give you your money back.


To Master Your Everyday

One Time Purchase


€1.61 per serving


The Starter's Stash

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€39,97 €49.97

€1.28 per serving


The Ultimate Upgrade

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