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mushroom extract

Mushroom Extract Supplements: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosages

Spela Bednjanic

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Mushroom extracts have gained significant attention in recent years for their potential health benefits and therapeutic properties. Used for centuries in traditional medicine, medicinal mushrooms, such fungi as Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps, have captivated the interest of researchers and health enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will delve into the world of mushroom extract, exploring its benefits, recommended dosages, and safety considerations.

What Are Mushroom Extracts?

Mushroom extract supplements are derived from different types of mushrooms and plants and are available in various forms, including capsules, powders, liquid extracts, teas, and more. These supplements are often used as remedies for conditions such as seasonal allergies, insomnia, cancer, colds, and inflammation. They may contain extracts from a single mushroom species or combine extracts from multiple mushrooms.

Adaptogenic mushrooms commonly found in supplements include Lion’s mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, Shiitake, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Maitake, Agaricus blazei, Enoki, and Polyporus umbellatus.

Health Benefits of Mushroom Extracts

Mushrooms provide many amazing health benefits, but let’s look at the available research about the benefits:

  1. Immune system support: Medicinal mushrooms have been found to modulate the immune system and exhibit cancer-fighting properties. [1]

  2. Protection against diabetes and heart disease: Mushroom extracts show potential in combating these chronic conditions. [2]

  3. Anti-inflammatory effects: Certain mushrooms have demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties, although further clinical trials are needed. [3]

  4. Cancer prevention: Specific mushrooms and their extracts have shown promising tumor-fighting properties. [4]

  5. Antimicrobial activity: Components found in mushrooms may assist the body in resisting infections and toxins. [5]

  6. Mental health support: Some types of mushrooms have been studied for their potential to treat anxiety and depression. [6]

  7. Skin health and anti-aging effects: Mushroom extracts are being explored for their potential use in anti-wrinkle products and promoting youthful skin. [7]

  8. Wound healing: Research on mice suggests that certain medicinal mushrooms have the ability to accelerate wound healing. [8]

  9. Fatigue reduction: Certain mushroom extracts have shown potential in combating fatigue. [9]

  10. Enhanced athletic performance: Some medicinal mushrooms have been found to boost endurance, as demonstrated in a study involving long-distance runners. [10]

  11. Protection against dementia: Some mushrooms can slow down cognitive decline and help people with dementia. [11]

We are still in the early research phase, but the available scientific data shows a lot of promise about the real benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

Potential Risks & Side Effects

Mushroom extracts have been used in traditional medicine for ages and have proven to be safe and healthy for consumption. However, interactions with medications and underlying health conditions should be considered, and consulting with healthcare providers is recommended. For instance, certain mushroom extracts, such as reishi and chaga, may interact with diabetes medications, blood pressure medications, and blood-thinning drugs.

To get the most out of mushrooms and avoid potential side effects, we recommend buying powders with high-quality extracts from reputable brands like FeelRooty.

If you are a healthy individual, mushrooms at the recommended dosage are extremely safe for supplementation, but if you take any drugs at the moment, do consult your doctor before supplementing medicinal mushrooms.

How Are Mushrooms Extracted?

To access the active compounds hidden within the thick cell walls of mushrooms, heat-based extraction methods are necessary. Hot water extraction, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, involves grinding the mushrooms and adding hot water to release the therapeutic components. Dual extraction, employed for mushrooms like Chaga and the Reishi mushroom, combines hot water and ethanol extractions to unlock all active compounds. FeelRooty utilizes a comprehensive extraction process that involves membrane separation technology, ensuring a concentrated extract rich in beneficial compounds.

Sadly, not all mushroom “extracts” on the market are effective. Fermentation, a popular method among large-scale companies, claims to enhance the accessibility and absorption of bioactive compounds and vitamins. However, fermentation lacks the necessary heat to fully break down mushroom cell walls and release therapeutic components. Research by Alita Bioscience confirms that fermented mushrooms have low levels of active compounds. Although cheaper and more convenient, fermentation compromises the quality of the final product.

In an unregulated market, supplement manufacturers can mislead consumers with labeling. Some products may boast a 1:1 extract ratio, suggesting high concentration. However, true extractions result in lower volumes than the raw material, making a 1:1 ratio impossible. Such products are often just powdered mushrooms without the benefits of an actual extraction. Even ratios like 6:1 or 10:1 lack quality guarantees when mushrooms from multiple sources are mixed. FeelRooty avoids this issue by partnering directly with growers to ensure consistent quality.

Should You Combine Different Mushrooms?

Some people prefer taking individual mushrooms, while others like to combine them for better effects. What’s better?

It’s almost always better to combine the right mushrooms at optimal dosages for synergistic effects. For example, Lion’s mane mushroom extract and Cordyceps mushroom extract that are in MagicRooty provide positive effects on cognition, energy, and well-being. You can definitely order individual ingredients online and play with the dosages at home, but do that only if you are an expert. Also, keep in mind that it is very hard to get high-quality extracts, so it’s better to keep this work to professionals like experts at FeelRooty.

Is Your Mushroom Extract High Quality?

In the past years, we have seen tens of start-ups and other brands start offering their mushroom extract blends. It makes us very happy to see the growing trend in demand for medicinal mushrooms, but sadly, most products on the market are low-quality.

It is extremely challenging to find mushroom manufacturers that offer top-quality extracts. Such manufacturers are usually based in China, where most of the mushrooms grow. And, of course, premium extracts are expensive.

So if you come across a brand offering a mushroom mix at a very affordable price, either the dosage of mushrooms is too low, or the quality is not where it should be. So be careful!


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