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Start your day on the right foot with RootyCup! This stainless steel, thermo-insulated mug is the perfect addition to your morning routine, especially when on the go. With its leak-proof design and inner ceramic coating for enhanced flavor, your MagicRooty© will taste better than ever before.


60-day money-back guarantee

Premium Quality

100% leak proof

Thermo insulated

Made in Europe




Joining forces with a top-tier cup brand, we present RootyCup© – your ultimate Rooty companion.

Keep Your MagicRooty© Hot for Up to 4 Hours

With its double-wall insulation, your Rooty stays hot for up to 4 hours, so you can sip on your morning walk, during your commute or in between meetings without worrying about losing the heat.

Feels Like Drinking From A Ceramic Mug.

RootyCup© feels just like drinking from a ceramic mug, thanks to the inner ceramic coating that preserves the taste and aroma of your Rooty. No more metal odors spoiling your Rooty!

No More Spills

RootyCup© is 100% spill-proof, thanks to its leak-proof lid and anti-slip bottom. You can sip on the go without any fear of accidents ruining your day.

Make a Sustainable Fashion Statement

RootyCup© is also an eco-friendly designer piece that doubles as a fashion accessory. Its sleek carrying handle has a jewelry-like appeal that fits seamlessly into your home and wardrobe aesthetics. So make RootyCup© your go-to reusable cup and take your creative journey to the next level!


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